...with easy and elegant phrasing, THE THIRD SISTER manages to excel at recreating the polite scorn with which Austen women treat Austen men. ... The spotlight belongs to Margaret, an adventurous beauty wise beyond her years, stifled by the tedium of Barton Park's confined society. Fans of the original will enjoy juicy cameo appearances by such favorites as Mrs. Ferrars and the former Lucy Steele. They'll also enjoy a good story, tight writing and a heroine with brains and charm. — The New York Times Book Review

Stylish, witty, and deliciously entertaining, THE THIRD SISTER is, quite simply, a delight. — Book Page

Both Barrett and Austen excel at what should be the primary goal of novelists, yet one that so few authors seem able to achieve:capturing our imaginations, holding us spellbound, and-- even after the story's resolution --leaving us wanting to know more. — British Heritage Magazine

...the dialogue is crisp and amusing and the threat of unhappy marriage compelling in this tale of Margaret Dashwood's emotional blossoming. Booklist

Most intriguing is Julia Barrett's THE THIRD SISTER. ... It pays homage to Austen's ironic humor, describing the befuddled Mrs. Dashwood as 'capable of admiring impudence as directness, audacity as wit, impropriety as imagination. — San Francisco Chronicle

Barrett's latest, an ambitious continuation of Austen's SENSE AND SENSIBILITY, mimics her model's vocabulary and cadence competently and recreates characters and settings with generally scrupulous attention to detail." "Lit pick" of the week. — Daily Variety

The premier author of Jane Austen sequels presents readers with a delightful look into the life of Margaret Dashwood, the third sister in the wonderous SENSE AND SENSIVIBILITY.... Julia Barrett has a knack for recreating Jane Austen's world and enough of her style to captivate readers. With the wit and attention to detail readers loved about the original, this new tale is a definite delight and not to be missed by Austen fans. — Romantic Times

Beyond 'Sensibility.' Notable...even the persnickety Miss Austen would approve.— The Chicago Tribune

Jane Austen fans will recognize her satirical wit and subtle criticism, but it is Julia Barrett's own creativity that has turned Austen's leavings into an entertaining novel. — The Flint Journal

Julia Barrett reclaims young Margaret with language that displays considerable skill and precision... Even if you have never read Jane Austen, pick [THE THIRD SISTER] up out of curiosity. — OK! Weekly, London

It is delightful entertainment, capturing Austen's dry with and lively plot so faithfully, it is hardly possible to see the join. The pity of it is Jane Austen never had the chance to enjoy it. — Stockport Times East (Manchester)

The Third Sister
Julia Barrett
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