PRESUMPTION is the next best thing to discovering a hitherto lost novel by Jane Austen." — Charles Osborne, The London Daily Telegraph

A firm fix on Austen's style and a finely tuned ear for her barbed dialogue...even the persnickety Miss Austen would approve. — Chicago Tribune

A boon to anyone who has ever yearned for one more in the Jane Austen canon. — Cynthia Ozick, Novelist

A glittering gem. The title gives fair warning of [the] approach, respect and common sense with a strong dose of humor. — British Heritage Magazine

Energetically and often delightfully handled, evoking the spirit of Pride and Prejudice. — The New York Times Book Review

The novelist makes stunning observations on social clashes and inserts cunning references to events in the original. One hopes for yet another sequel. — Booklist

A work of wit in its own duly earned right, continuously vivid and urbane.... It is never too late for intelligence, grace and style as now in Presumption. — Denis Donoghue, Critic

...the dry irony in Austen's prose, the tension between circumlocution and real feeling, is present in Barrett, as is the ear for pomposity. — Village Voice, Literary Supplement

In PRESUMPTION Julie (six) Barrett's satisfying " sequel" to PRIDE AND PREJUDICE ... (she) has fashioned an appealing entertainment likely to make even Janists giggle. — Elle

Barrett expertly captures Austen's ironic voice and subject matter in a book that is sure to delight and intrigue most Austen devotees. Highly recommended. — Library Journal

Julia Barrett
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