RAVES for Jane Austen's CHARLOTTE:

...Barrett's vision is sound, and she brings this very entertaining book to a proper Austen-like conclusion, in which foolishness is chastened, strength of character rewarded and society--though it will undoubtedly continue to endure foolishness --hums in equilibrium once more. — Washington Post

Julia Barrett's CHARLOTTE is an achievement of tone, narrative voice, the movement of incidents, the interest of the whole composition. Such novels are like angels' visits 'few and far between'." —Denis Donoghue, critic and author

Barrett develops these characters with the same sharp eye, sympathy and wit that Austen brought to their creation. Any transition between the one writer and the other appears seamless, the style consistent, the later insights pithy and appropriately barbed. — Herald Tribune (International) enjoyable read, and especially valuable for bringing Austen's fragment back into the public eye." — Booklist

Barrett knows the style and themes of her predecessor thoroughly, and it is difficult to know when Austen leaves off and Barrett begins. ...Recommended.
— Library Journal

..Thanks to Julia Barrett, "Sanditon" has been resurrected and completed in true Austen-esque spirit. ...To Barrett's great credit, she continues the story Austen began, in the same new galloping mode. Gone is the reserve of an earlier age, and crumbling are many of the values of Jane's earlier society. ...There are subtle echoes here of earlier work that prove how closely Barrett studied the work of her teacher before she took up the same sly pen. — The Times Argus, Vermont

All but seamless, from the opening scenes to an invisible weave a third of the way in, CHARLOTTE...goes directly to the brain like good brandy--and its wonderfully realized heroine just as swiftly to the corners of the reader's brain where recognizable people dwell. — The Courier-Gazette, Rockport, Maine

Barrett... remains true to Austen's outspoken but well-bred central character Charlotte Heywood, after whom the completed novel was named. She lovingly pokes fun at the characters' weaknesses and concludes Austen's promising plot with a satisfying finale. — The Daytona Beach News-Journal

There must be rejoicing on high! After nearly 200 years, Julia Barrett's Charlotte brings to vivid realization the Sanditon of Austen's conception. Her novel lives!
— Robin Maxwell, novelist

In her latest effort, as in her earlier work, Barrett displays a knack for capturing Austen's characterization and cadence. — BOOK PAGE

Julia Barrett's CHARLOTTE is a rollicking good read.
— Valerie Grosvenor Myer, author of "Obstinate Heart: Jane Austen, A Biography"

If you love Jane Austen, or if you have a love of words and language, CHARLOTTE awaits you. — Pasadena Weekly

Charlotte delights in every respect. I read it compulsively, charmed by the wit, romance, the stylishness of this completion of Austen's last fragment. Austen aficionados are lucky to have another Barrett to read and love.
— Natalie Tyler, The Friendly Jane Austen

...Demonstrates Ms. Barrett's remarkable ability to extend and create a story in a manner that makes the sum of Austen's work and hers feel as one. This is no easy accomplishment. Ms. Barrett really understands the world and language of Austen, and expresses these elements with same eloquence that even the fastidious Austen would admire. — Oxford Review, Online

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